A Message from the Commissioner of Corrections

Sandra O’Meally, JP

History will recall the many important dates and events on Jamaica’s road to Independence. 1494, for example, is alleged to be when Christopher Columbus discovered Jamaica. However, Columbus’ “discovery” of Jamaica is questionable given the fact that we were always in existence. We cannot, however, dwell on situations such as this but rather much focus on the impact that Columbus' "discovery" has had on Jamaica. Implicit in this is that our Jamaican culture began its own diversification to include people and skills that were brought here from Old World Europe and also that Jamaica became map worthy.

What We Do?

During the post-independence years the prison system in Jamaica was composed of three (3) main entities: the Prisons, the Probation Services and the Approved Schools which functioned separately in the implementation and execution of the correctional functions of the Government.