HEART Trust/NTA and MNS sign second MOU to transform inmates

Published: Friday, October 05, 2018

THE HEART Trust/NTA on Wednesday signed a second memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Ministry of National Security's Department of Correctional Services to certify and train more wards (detainees under 18 years) and inmates under the 'We Transform' programme, launched in 2015.

Under the We Transform Programme, HEART will develop and implement training and certification programmes for staff, wards, inmates in transition, mentors and volunteers. The agency will also provide training and assessment in literacy and numeracy for the wards and inmates in correctional institutions.


"HEART is happy to be signing these agreements because it gives us an opportunity to contribute and give back. I can't wait to hear the good news coming out of this programme and the impact it will have on the lives of the individuals," said Edward Gabbidon, chairman of the HEART Trust/NTA. "This agreement is special because it allows us to reform those that have been incarcerated, while educating those that work with them".

The HEART chairman noted that "our youth is our future and this is the workforce that we will need to move forward. By educating them, we nurture the development of meaningful lives and attack social ills that are affecting our country. We are dedicated to providing programmes to decrease social exclusion and unemployment for the under – served."

Through funding from HEART, youth enrolled in the initiative also participate in the HOPE National Service Corps Programme and will receive a stipend while receiving training in furniture making, agriculture, data operations, beauty services and mixology. This forms part of the Office of the Prime Minister's Learn, Earn, Give and Save programme.

The Ministry of National Security has welcomed the extension of the We Transfer programme, noting that it has brought hope and joy to many inmates and wards of the State. "We in the ministry are broadening the horizon for academic work. Many of them (inmates) did not have a chance; the only chance they had was to come into our care. Now, they are given an opportunity to start a new life," said Rudyard Spencer, state minister for national security. SOURCE: JAMAICA GLEANER